New Driveway in Bracknell | Cleaning Advice for Your Block Paving Driveway

Your home in Bracknell is likely the biggest investment you will ever make. To keep it looking great and to retain or improve its resale value, you’ll to need make further investments over the years. A new driveway is a great way to achieve both. There’s no doubting a new drive delivers incredible kerb appeal. When it comes to resale value, your new installation can add anywhere between 5% and 10% to your home’s worth. This will vary depending on your property’s location and the material you choose to lay.

In this blog, we focus on homeowners who decide to choose a block paving drive. With its bespoke patterns and hardwearing nature, this material remains one of the most popular for new driveways.

Whether you’re still in the planning stage or you’ve recently had one installed, below, we have provided some handy tips on how to keep your driveway in Bracknell clean.

Cleaning Your New Block Paving Driveway

General Cleaning Advice

The best way to clean your new driveway is with strong detergent and a power washer. This will ensure great results in a time-efficient manner.

First, use a good, clean broom to apply the detergent across the surface of your driveway. Next, apply a weed killer between the joints of your block paving. After this, use the power washer on medium pressure to clean the drive. You should angle the washer at 30 degrees, spraying diagonally across the surface.

This process ensures that all the cleaning product and weed killer gets washed away. If required, you must re-sand any joints that need it. When you’re done, you’ll feel like you have a new driveway again. And it’s not only your drive that will look cleaner; your entire Bracknell home will too.

Removing Stains from Block Paving

Different stains and spillages require different treatments. We recommend a safety-first approach. Whichever solution you choose, test it on a small section of the stain first. This minimises the chances of large-scale damage. If you don’t notice any concerning signs after this first application, use your treatment on the entire stain or spillage.

Stains come in many forms, from oil and grease to rust. If you need any advice, you can talk to our new driveway and block paving experts. As customer-focused specialists for the Bracknell area, we’re always happy to help where we can.

When you have removed the stain and have something approaching a new driveway again, try to find the source of the stain. This could be anything from a leaking car to rust from iron gutters.

Needless to say, when you do identify the source, carry out the necessary repairs to avoid more cleaning work in the future.

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