Garden Patio in Bracknell | How to Make Your Garden a Space for Summer Socialising

When the first genuinely warm days of spring come around, it’s only natural to cast your mind forward to all the possibilities that summer brings. With more daylight hours and gorgeous weather, one of the best ways you can spend your time is in the back garden with friends and family. From parties to BBQs, your garden in Bracknell could soon become synonymous with great summer memories. For this to happen, however, you may need to reimagine your existing space.

To create a successful social environment, you need to look beyond the traditional garden patio and lawn set up. People look for different things when it comes to socialising, especially with large scale events. If you have adults only, socialising still won’t happen as one mass of people. And if you have kids present, they probably won’t want to hang out with their parents.

If you’re ready to make your Bracknell garden a social hub for the summer, you must see it as a collection of areas intended for different activities. In this blog, we break down 3 of the most popular spaces.

Creating Areas for Different Needs

From garden patios to block paving paths, Dreamscapes has a proven record for the design and installation of stunning garden features. Humans are naturally tactile. As such, texture and colour help to communicate how people are supposed to feel in each part of your garden.

Wining and Dining

Your garden is a natural extension of your Bracknell home. This is why it feels so natural to cook, eat and drink there. If you have gatherings on the larger side, things can start to get ‘busy’ visually. Food, drinks, decorations, furniture, people – it’s a lot to take in.However, a garden patio with clean lines and geometric shapes creates a minimal, elegant backdrop to counteract this. That’s not to say it will look cold and clinical, but rather simple and subtle.

If you invite many people around, we also recommend building permanent ‘furniture’ into your garden design. While your shop-bought furniture may fill up quickly, people will always have features like low walls, for example, to sit on.


Whether you have children at your Bracknell-based event or adults who still like to prove their sporting prowess, a dedicated area for play makes a great addition to your garden. While adults looking to talk can stay more toward the garden patio, the play area can house the excitement.

Woodchip, grass and soft, yet hard-wearing, textures make these spaces safe and durable. Consider adding a boundary element so kids know the appropriate place to play.


Don’t forget that not everyone has the energy to socialise at full power during the summer. Some of your guests will simply want to put their feet up and relax. With the right mix of sensory elements and textures, you can create the perfect space.

If you have a smaller garden in the Bracknell area, you can dedicate some of the garden patio and surrounding space for this. For larger gardens, you can create a secluded environment.

For optimal relaxation, choose soft, organic shapes and look for higher planting. Also, try to avoid man-made aspects as asymmetry is more common in nature. The more immersed in nature your guests feel, the more relaxed they become.

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