Paving Contractors in Camberley | Sealing Block Paving for New Driveways and Garden Patios

As a professional landscaping company, Dreamscapes doesn’t just care about how good your driveway or patio looks immediately after installation, we also want it to look at its best for as long as possible. Whether due to weed growth, UV rays or harsh weather conditions, without protection the block paving in driveways and patios can start showing signs of neglect and general wear and tear.


That is why our paving contractors recommend sealing new driveways and garden patios around Camberley, to finish off their installation. We even offer a free sealing service for any installation covering 25m2 and above.


While this may not be possible or even necessary for gravel, poured concrete and tarmac driveways, sealing concrete or natural stone block paving increases their longevity, durability and aesthetic appeal.


If you don’t need a new driveway or garden patio installation, it is perfectly possible to apply the sealant to your current ones. You can even do so by yourself.


Simply follow this step-by-step guide from our landscaping company and you’ll see for yourself how easy it can be.



First of all, you should remove any weeds between the gaps. Then, whether you have an old or new driveway or garden patio at your property in Camberley, our paving contractors advise you use a pressure washer to clean the area of dirt, grime and moss. Do this several weeks before you want to seal the surface, as sealants work best when applied in dry conditions. Two weeks should be long enough for the gaps between the block paving to sufficiently dry out, or less during the summer months.


Be mindful that high-powered pressure washers may cause damage to pointing and broken pavers. Contact our landscaping company if your driveway or patio requires repointing, or to replace individual pavers.




As it is highly likely that pressure washing may have washed away any jointing sand between the pavers, it will be necessary to apply some more. Even if it’s a relatively new driveway or garden patio at your Camberley home, cover the surface with a thin layer of sand and sweep it into the joints until you have filled all the gaps. Use a broom to sweep away any excess sand before the next stage can begin.


To ensure that vehicle traffic doesn’t dislodge the jointing sand and rainfall doesn’t wash it away overnight, our paving contractors recommend applying the sealant shortly after sanding between the joints.




Using a roller with an extendable handle, apply an initial coating of sealant to your weather-worn or reasonably new driveway or garden patio. Simply push the roller across the surface to get an even spread, moving up and down in straight lines to ensure the best area coverage. Once the first coat has dried, use a spray-applied sealant to layer on the next coat.


If this sounds too much like hard work, call our landscaping company. Our paving contractors will happily come to your home in Camberley to handle the process for you.


During warmer weather, it should only take a couple of hours before you can walk over your freshly sealed garden patio. It may take up to a day before you can drive over freshly sealed driveways, however. Our paving contractors suggest leaving it overnight, just to be safe.


Following these simple steps should have your old driveway or patio looking as good as new for years to come.


Call our landscaping company on 01276 505 419 or our paving contractors on 07505 262 511 to seal new driveways and garden patios in Camberley made from block paving.