Block Paving in Camberley | 5 Benefits of Using This Versatile, Durable Material

Are you looking to find a way to spruce up the outside spaces around your Camberley home? Having a good quality driveway or patio provides immediate kerb appeal along with many practical benefits. Choosing the right type of surface for these installations will also complement your home and deliver a seamless appearance. Due to its versatility and customisable nature, block paving remains one of our most popular options for new driveways and patios.

In this blog, we list the 5 main benefits of using block paving for your new driveway, patio or pathway.

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Reasons to Choose Block Paving


Made of concrete and clay, the individual blocks that make up patios and driveways have impressive durability. As a single surface, block paving holds its shape and performance for many years, making it a great long-term investment.

You can even find block installations at airports because, when installed by experts, these surfaces can even withstand the weight of an airplane. As such, you can drive your car(s) over these blocks time and again with minimal wear and tear.

This material is also highly resistant to most oils, chemicals, frost and salt.

Visual Appeal

With an exhaustive range of styles to choose from, block paving improves the appearance of any home in the Camberley area. Whether you prefer simplistic designs or something more intricate, our team can produce a result to suit your own tastes and requirements.

If you plan to sell your home in the short- to medium-term, a clean, well-maintained block driveway also holds huge appeal with prospective house buyers. Not only can Dreamscapes add resale value to your property, our workmanship might make the difference in getting your sale over the line.

Low Maintenance

If the idea of back-breaking maintenance work brings you out in a cold sweat, block paving will appeal to you even more. Because of the materials used in the construction process, all you need to do to keep it looking fresh is apply soap and water on a semi-regular basis.

To ensure your patio or driveway in Camberley stays in great condition for years to come, we also advise frequent visual checks for minor signs of concern. Catching them early will make for an easier, more affordable repair process.


Block paving comes in a wide range of colours and styles. This allows for customised designs in line with your own tastes. In fact, this versatility is one of the main reasons why so many homeowners and businesses choose this material.

What could be better than a custom surface to greet visitors to your home? Or as the foundation for family events in the back garden?


Unlike other surfacing materials, block paving has a porous nature. This makes it a more environmentally friendly choice for your Camberley property. In short, when it rains, the blocks will absorb water, stopping it from pooling on top of the surface.

In conjunction with a fall and other features tailored to your premises, this plays a vital role in swift, effective drainage.

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