Block Paving in Bracknell | Common Block Paving Drainage Problems

Have you got your heart set on a block paving installation at your Bracknell home? Whether it’s a new driveway, a garden patio, a pathway or all three, this landscaping solution delivers the perfect blend of stunning aesthetics and durability. However, you must hire a professional landscaping company, like Dreamscapes, to avoid running into drainage problems far quicker than expected.

When it comes to block paving installations, there are three main causes of drainage problems. In this blog, we examine each of them. This will help you to stay vigilant for the signs of a problem at your property in Bracknell.

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Block Paving | The Causes of Drainage Issues

Laying On a Concrete Base

When installed by a competent company, your patio or driveway should have a fall. Whether it’s a natural slope or one created during the installation, the fall eliminates sitting water by naturally channelling runoff away from the surface.

If your blocks lay on a flat concrete base, rainwater will simply sit beneath them because it has nowhere to go. This encourages organic growth like grass and weeds. In turn, these growths then lift the blocks, causing unsightly, dangerous edges and bulges.

In such cases, the only remedy is a full reinstallation of the entire driveway. This is why it’s so important to invest in a company with a proven record for excellent results in the Bracknell area.

Minimal or No Aggregate Sub-base

If you take a cut-price option, you get cut-price results. In some cases, your chosen company may even lay block paving on a bed of sand only, completely bypassing the sub-base. While less common than it used to be, it still pays to remain vigilant by asking prospective companies about their installation process.

If you happen to receive one of these shoddy driveways, you’ll soon find yourself with one or more ruts. These appear because the driveway simply has no resilience against the constant heavy weight of a car. Over time, the rut will only get deeper. This causes the blocks to break away from one another.

Needless to say, you’ll need a professional to remove the old block paving driveway and lay another one with a sub-base. Your new installation will have the durability to last outside your Bracknell home for many years to come.

Incorrect Drainage Channel

If the water flowing off your new driveway runs to a public highway, you will need to contend with further SUDs legislation and permissions. To avoid this, landscaping companies use linear drainage systems – or channel drainage – on new driveway installations.

As with most products, there are some cheap, low-grade options on the market. You can usually find them online or at DIY chains. These products are prone to twisting and have low weight-bearing capacities.

What’s more, your chosen block paving professional must also fit a soakaway feature into the drainage system at your Bracknell premises. Failure to do so means water will simply fill the channel up and not go anywhere. This leads to further issues with flooding.

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